Deposition Fluxes

SEEDS offers EO-based estimates of soil moisture, vegetation variables, and deposition fluxes based on a coupled atmosphere-land-vegetation approach for direct use in precision agriculture applications.

SEEDS integrates a state-of-the-art land surface data modelling system capable of assimilating EO land surface data into the CAMS production chain for deposition fluxes of ozone and nitrogen.

SEEDS proposes to add an off-line land surface data assimilation modelling system to the CAMS production chain to include new land surface and deposition products. It aims also demonstrate the potential of these products to support agriculture and forestry management applications such as those related to eutrophication and crop yield damages.

  • The SEEDS soil moisture products are derived from the land surface data assimilation system in SURFEX_LDAS_MONDE combined with EO data the ASCAT-Metop series with 10 km resolution.
  • The SEEDS leaf area index products are assimilated data products using the SURFEX_LDAS_MONDE land surface modelling system combined PROBA-V and ASCAT satellite observations and are to be provided also in 10km resolution.
  • The SEEDS deposition fluxes for key environmental pollutants relevant to crop damage, acidification of soils, and eutrophication are linked to the land-surface SURFEX_LDAS_MONDE and produced based on the EMEP dry deposition scheme in the MOCAGE model, to test possible integration in the CAMS operational production chain.