We are a scientific partnership

SEEDS is a 3-yearly research project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004318.

The project started 01.01.2021 and will end 31.12.2023.

The SEEDS team is made of leading research institutions in air quality in Europe and applied-science SMEs. The project is coordinated by NILU, Norwegian Institute for Air Research. The consortium for SEEDS comprises six partners: two are private non-profit research and technological organizations, one is a SME and three are public research institutions who are bringing into the consortium considerable national resources and operational capabilities.


The SEEDS team

Leonor Tarrasón
Project Coordinator
Henk Eskes
Scientific Lead
Jorge Calvín
Data Manager
Anthropogenic emissions
  • Dr. Ronald van der A, KNMI
  • Dr. Henk Eskes, KNMI
  • Dr. Bas Mijling, KNMI
  • Dr. Jieying Ding, KMNI
Biogenic emissions
  • Dr. Trissevgeni Stavrakou, BIRA-IASB
  • Dr. Glenn-Michael Oomen, BIRA-IASB
  • Dr. Ronald van der A, KNMI
  • Dr. Paul Hamer, NILU
Deposition fluxes
  • Dr. Paul Hamer, NILU
  • Dr. Jean- Christophe Calvet, CNRM
  • Dr. Leonor Tarrasón, NILU
Assimilation algorithms
  • Dr. Emanuele Emili, CERFACS
Links to CAMS
  • Dr. Joaquim Arteta, MeteoFrance
  • Dr. Ronald van der A, KNMI
  • Dr. Trissevgeni Stavrakou, BIRA-IASB
  • Dr. Paul Hamer, NILU
Stakeholder engagement
  • Aytor Naranjo, Lobelia, isardSAT
  • Pau Moreno, Lobelia, isardSAT
  • Dr. Henk Eskes, KNMI
  • Dr. Leonor Tarrasón, NILU
Advisory Board
  • Dr Chris Dore – Director, Aether Ltd – TFEIP Chair – Links to Emissions experts
  • Dr. Les White – AErisEurope – Links to Industry
  • Dr. Isaura Rabago – Ciemat – Chair to WGE – Links to ecosystem experts (depositions)
  • Dr. Vincent-Henri Peuch – ECMWF – Links to CAMS
  • Dr. Jessica Seddon – World Resources Institute – Links to Climate Change