Biogenic Emissions

SEEDS offers new up-to-date emissions products of biogenic organic compounds (BVOC) and soil emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx).

SEEDS integrates a top-down inverse monitoring approach with high-resolution land-surface models to provide enhanced resolution biogenic emission products from satellite observations.

The SEEDS biogenic emission products are unique and represent a valuable addition to existing CAMS biogenic emission products.

The soil NOx emissions are derived from the DECSO (Daily Emission estimation Constrained by Satellite Observations) inverse model and Sentinel 5P observations. This is a new product of SEEDS currently not available in CAMS.

The biogenic emissions of biogenic organic compounds (VOCs) flux estimates are inferred based on the MAGRITTE regional atmospheric chemistry-transport model and Sentinel-5P TROPOMI data of formaldehyde columns. A sophisticated assimilation system is used based on the adjoint of the MAGRITTE model to provide, for the first time, biogenic VOC emissions at a spatial resolution of up to 10 km.