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What is SEEDS ?

September 2022

A quick overview of the Sentinel EO-based Emission and Deposition Service (SEEDS)

Many deciding instances, industry professionals or agriculture professionals lack precise emissions and depositions data for either decision making or impact estimation.

Public authorities need to estimate air pollution in population dense areas. On the short term, this knowledge will allow them to take mitigation measures, such as reducing traffic on highly polluted days. On the long run, it can help point out particularly polluted areas and encourage urban reorganisation for improved public health. Industry professionals usually estimate their emissions with their own sensors, however, having an external assessment of their emissions provides an interesting way to validate their own results, as well as an added level of transparency for their clients. Finally, agriculture professionals can highly benefit from deposition data, especially soil moisture at high resolution.

SEEDS is a project which aims to provide a tool for precise air pollution estimation and deposition products, it is the evolution of the current CAMS product. It provides open data for public use on the platform https://www.seedsproject.eu/. SEEDS compares top-down and bottom-up approaches to provide reliable data. It can provide estimations at large- or small-scale. Interestingly, this allows to compare SEEDS data with national emissions reported, thereby allowing to point out discrepancies, and in fine improve our estimations to work towards a more sustainable future.