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Start of the EU CAMEO project (CAMS EvOlution): providing better atmospheric environmental information

January 2023

The CAMS Service Evolution (CAMEO) project started on the first of January 2023.

CAMEO will help prepare CAMS for the uptake of forthcoming satellite data, including Sentinel-4, -5 and 3MI, and advance the aerosol and trace gas data assimilation methods and inversion capacity of the global and regional CAMS production systems. CAMEO will develop methods to provide uncertainty information for users of CAMS emissions, policy, solar radiation and deposition products. CAMEO will contribute to the medium- to long-term evolution of the CAMS production systems and products. The transfer of developments from CAMEO into subsequent improvements of CAMS operational service elements is a main driver for the project.

The CAMEO project will profit from the SEEDS developments and datasets in multiple ways, and several of the SEEDS partners are also involved in CAMEO:

  • CAMEO will develop emission inversion capabilities for CAMS and the SEEDS emission inversion software will be used to test these developments and estimate the uncertainties.
  • The SEEDS experiences with TROPOMI formaldehyde data are a starting point for the development of a formaldehyde data assimilation capability in the ECMWF/CAMS system.
  • The independent SEEDS emission and deposition datasets and the SEEDS 4DEnVar data assimilation code form a reference to guide further development of the CAMS global and regional analysis systems.