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Final General Assembly

5-6 December 2023
Toulouse / Online

Join us at the SEEDS Final General Assembly on December 5-6 2023 in Toulouse. This is a hybrid meeting open to all interested. The on-line link is provided upon registration.

As we approach the conclusion of this three-year project, the upcoming General Assembly presents an opportunity to celebrate our achievements, share invaluable lessons learned, and delve into the significant contributions of SEEDS data assimilation to improve CAMS products. We will contextualize our results by integrating the insights gained from the stakeholder webinar, ensuring the optimization of product utility.

Discussions will be organized in five sessions: Industrial emissions Fire Emissions Emissions in cities Agricultural emissions Deposition fluxes and yields Physical information on Soil Moisture and Leaf Area Index for agriculture

Please register in the following link to book your seat in the webinar. As the date approaches you will receive the connection link.


Block 1: Industrial emissions

Block 2 – Emissions in cities

Block 3: Fire and Biogenic Emissions

Block 4: Agricultural emissions

Block 5: Deposition fluxes and yields

Block 6 : Physical information on SM and LAI